The Development History

In 2003, Government of the Russian Federation approved The Concept of Russian Citizens Patriotic Upbringing. The Concept defined the main directions of this activity. The State Program “Patriotic Upbringing of the Russian Federation Citizens in 2006-2010” was adopted by the RF Government Decree 422 of July 11, 2005.

According to the Decree, the RF regions had to work out their own regional purpose-oriented programs and to create state centers coordinating patriotic activities on their territories.

Thus, Volgograd Regional authorities adopted the regional long-term purpose-oriented program Citizens Patriotic Upbringing in 2007-2010. Also The Committee of Volgograd Region for Fiscal Policy got the project of creating a state center that could coordinate and improve youth patriotic upbringing in the region.

The need to establish such a center was evident: youth patriotic upbringing had traditionally been among political priorities of the Region Administration. In addition, Volgograd Region has an extensive number of historical and cultural monuments that make up national treasure.

As a result, the Volgograd Regional Administration adopted The Decision 104-p of October 13, 2008 On the establishment of the State Organization Volgograd Regional Patriotic Center. And The Volgpatriotcenter began to operate as subsidiary organization of the Committee of Volgograd Region for Youth Affairs in January 1, 2009.

The main objectives of the Center are:

- to implement the state policy of youth patriotic upbringing in Volgograd Region;

- to make optimal conditions for the process of youth patriotic, spiritual and moral upbringing and revival of national traditions;

- to do research into history and culture of the Motherland and into the youth patriotic upbringing.

As the system of patriotic upbringing is a complex process, the Organization conducts activities in three areas. Each of them is an integral component of this system. This fact determines the organizational structure of our Center. Three main departments represent it:

- History Memorial Department;

- Department of Organizational and War-patriotic work.

- Research and Analytical Department;

History Memorial Department

Respect for the memory of those who died defending our Motherland is sacred duty of all citizens. This rule is written in Acts of the Russian Federation Government: On the memory perpetuation of those who died defending the Motherland ( 4292-1 of January 14, 1993 and 835-OD of June 21, 2003). The acts give a definition of the history memorial work. This is purposeful activities of identifying unknown military graves and unburied Motherland defenders, their subsequent reburial; establishing the facts of war and information about the Motherland defenders, dead or missing in actions, or soldiers of other nations. According to this, History Memorial Department carries out the fallowing:

- coordinating the activities of youth search groups;

- establishing the names of Motherland defenders found during the search operations;

- collecting, processing and codifying results of the search activity on the territory of Volgograd Region;

- organizing public events of the memory perpetuation of those who died defending the Motherland.

Department of Organizational and War-patriotic work

The Article 14 of Federal Act On Military Duty and Military Service
( 53-FZ of March 28, 1998) as well as the Russian Federation Government Resolution On the military-patriotic youth’s and children's associations ( 551 of July 24, 2000) encourages RF regions to facilitate the activities of military-patriotic clubs and associations. In addition, both on the federal and on the regional levels it has repeatedly noted the need to create conditions for public involvement in the patriotic upbringing of the youth. According to this, Department of Organizational and War-patriotic work carries out the following:

- implementing federal, interregional, regional and other programs of patriotic upbringing and paramilitary training;

- organizing public events of patriotic, spiritual and moral youth upbringing through collaboration with domestic and foreign organizations, institutions and centers;

- organizing the training of young people for military service, promoting healthy lifestyle;

- carrying out military-patriotic, sporting and tourist events, games, competitions, trips;

- organizing excursions, festivals of arts, public events related to the memorable days of Russia, history events, Russia's military glory, combat traditions of the army and navy;

- organizing the youth military-patriotic and military-sports camps.

Research and Analytical Department

The Concept of Russian Citizens Patriotic Upbringing notes the low level of scientific and methodical provision of training and retraining specialists in this area, as well as a lack of heroic and patriotic literature and collections of archival documents. This fact necessitates conducting research on patriotic upbringing matters, local history and the implementation of theoretical developments in practice. In addition, book publishing and dissemination of patriotic ideals should be increased.

According to this, Research and Analytical Departmentcarries out the following:

- doing research into patriotic upbringing matters and local history;

- organizing scientific conferences, seminars, roundtables, workshops and other events;

- historical and ethnographical contests;

- organizing and conducting outreach activities, including promotion of patriotic ideas through mass media;

- preparing multimedia production, publishing educational, reference and information-methodical literature, collections of documents, materials of scientific conferences and their distribution.